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Community Owned Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Objectives, Goals, and Guiding Principles

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WestCOG Broadband Study

Better connectivity has been a longstanding priority of the region. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the urgency of this need by accelerating the migration of work, education, and play online, increasing network demands, without producing commensurate network improvements.


Consequently, there appears to be a widespread sentiment that existing infrastructure and services no longer meet current needs and may limit, rather than support, desired future growth. Regional dissatisfaction with existing network infrastructure may relate to:

  • Speed,

  • Reliability,

  • Operational resilience,

  • Subscriber cost, and

  • Availability of service.


To address the demand for improved broadband infrastructure demands, WestCOG is exploring options to potentially adapt previously successful models, with the goal of providing fast, reliable, cost-effective Internet access to the region’s residents and businesses.



This effort will explore broadband solutions and provide a feasibility study and business plan of a fiberoptic network that can be utilized by participating municipalities. The goals of this process are provided below.

  1. Significantly increase the speed and reliability of internet access.

  2. Lower the cost of internet access for both residents and businesses.

  3. Increase competition giving residents and businesses multiple choices of new Internet Service Providers (4 – 5 new options).

  4. Build a state-of-the-art network that will improve economic development and foster innovation.

  5. Leverage the network to improve the services provided in the city/town including public safety, transportation, healthcare, education, emergency communications, transactive energy (smart grid) and new services that will become possible with advanced network infrastructure.


Project Principles

  1. Nobody will be forced to participate. Participation would be on a voluntary, opt-in basis. 

  2. Taxes would not be increased to fund the network.

  3. The ongoing operation of the network would be self-sustaining and not dependent on any kind of subsidy from the City/Town.

Internet Bill Upload Request

Want to take your impact to the next level?  Consider providing a sample internet bill.  This critical dataset allows us to evaluate the amount residents/businesses pay against advertised rates and quality of service.


A quick process, the link below provides a step-by-step tutorial on how you can send the file.

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